Killing Time: A Time Travel Adventure through a Hurricane (Paperback)

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Killing Time: A Time Travel Adventure through a Hurricane (Paperback)


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When the Strongest Hurricane in Decades Takes Aim at Florida, Ronnie Tries to Escape its Wrath. Will she Die in the Storm or Be Lost in Time Forever?

Ronnie Andrews is lucky to be alive after a time travel glitch nearly took her life during Hurricane Frances. When Hurricane Ivan, one of the strongest storms in decades, sets its sights on Florida, Ronnie jumps at the chance to join Mike, her mysterious new boss, on a business trip to Puerto Rico.

Sparks fly, but when a newspaper article surfaces with horrific pictures of a woman who may have died at Mike's hands, Ronnie regrets the decision. Before she can confront Mike about what she knows, Hurricane Jeanne forms off the coast, trapping them on the island. Her doctors warned that another time-travel-induced illness may kill her. Mike may be her only salvation.

The storm strikes and Ronnie time travels to Texas in 1872 where she is taken by Comanches. A rescue party saves her life led by Jesse and Frank James, hiding under assumed names.

Will Ronnie find a way to make the time-traveling episodes stop before the dangers of the past, and the damage from the journey destroy her?

What Readers are Saying:
KILLING TIME by KJ Waters is awash in excitement A fast-paced story that doesn't let up, it seems to have some cyclonic action thrown in there for good measure. It means that twists and turns abound as we follow heroine Ronnie Andrews doing her thing in trying to figure out what the heck is going on
In this third outing of the STEALING TIME series, Ronnie is determined to get to the bottom of her Dr. Who'ing it around the centuries. After all, a girl needs more stability in her life than to be yanked back and forth in time at any given moment, and she sorta ... kinda ... maybe suspects it might be those killer storms causing the time travel, but how to get proof? Well, having to fight through another one just might do it

The confrontation sets up a whole slew of action, adventure, and one hunky marine. Even the description of Mike is enough to make us drool and brings "Semper Fidelis" to a whole 'nuther level And we get to watch as Ronnie fights getting involved, but she just might have that backwards because it just might be Mike who gets more than he bargained for. But a budding romance wouldn't be a romance with some ex-baggage tagging along. That's a cue for Ronnie's ex-boyfriend Jeffrey to show and cause a whole bunch of trouble As if the storm wasn't enough to handle

If you like your time travel mixed with some fine storytelling courtesy of Ms. Waters, then this one's for you Unique and original, I was into this story all the way through and highly recommend. Thank you, KJ Waters

Amanda Wilson 5.0 out of 5 stars Fast-paced Adventure
If you are a time travel fan....this book is for you I previously read "Stealing Time" and "Shattering Time" and thoroughly enjoyed both books and anxiously awaited the release of "Killing Time". Boy, I was not disappointed In past books, Ronnie Andrews moved to Florida for a new job. Soon after arriving, she is thrust into the past during a hurricane and her adventure begins. Traveling between the past and present she thinks she is losing her mind. In "Killing Time," she will begin to understand that her so called boyfriend is not what he seems and that there is more to his story. Once again, Florida is preparing for another hurricane and Ronnie thinks she needs to get out of town to hopefully escape being thrust back in time again but fate has other plans. Love the fast paced action and twists and turns. Be prepared for a bumpy ride.
Product Details ISBN: 9780986250859
ISBN-10: 0986250856
Publisher: Blondie Books
Publication Date: September 10th, 2021
Pages: 436
Language: English