The Things I Think I Think (Hardcover)

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The Things I Think I Think (Hardcover)


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Proper Per"speck"tive, Self-Help, Life Coaching, Marriage Help, Overcoming Depression, Knowing God (and it's funny, too)

Can a book be your life coach? Ben Donley thinks so...If you are ready to start a thought movement that leads to better feelings, better actions and a best life, this is the self-improvement read for you.

This little book is a quirky collection of proverbs, aphorisms, witticisms, and wisdom intended to spur your own thoughts as you examine your life and maximize its livability.

Written by seasoned relationship coach and spiritual director, Ben Donley, "The Things I Think I Think" is packaged for maximum content and minimum repetition. Every page contains a nutritious recipe designed to diversify your mental microbiome (and limit the added sugars) dig in and start examining

Are you ready for a better, happier, more interesting life?

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Product Details ISBN: 9781940816203
ISBN-10: 1940816203
Publisher: Dreamloud Publishing
Publication Date: March 22nd, 2021
Pages: 218
Language: English