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DL Hammons continues the saga of the silent sleuths in FALLEN KNIGHT - the prefect mashup of The Camel Club and The Goonies.

"The obsession is alive and well! Fantastic." - Lisa Regan, USA Today and Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author

An elusive killer has been recreating and improving crimes from long-forgotten headlines. The FBI finally uncovers the surprising identity of the suspect - a disturbed high school student - but only after he has taken his own life while committing a terrible crime. Unfortunately, the threat doesn't end there. The boy left behind a note announcing his pre-arranged scheme to unleash one final "improvement" - minus the crucial details of where, when, or how.

Eighteen months ago, Lee Hamilton and his five middle-aged companions (nick-named the Knights Who Say Ni), crossed paths with Dianne Williams, a feisty private investigator examining a decades-old murder. Together they would solve the crime and see justice done. That chance encounter would be the beginning of a rather unique collaboration... and friendship.

When Dianne's newest investigator, who is also a Knight, is attached after returning home from a routine investigation, Lee and the others take matters into their own hands to find the person responsible. The trail leads inexplicably to the doorstep of a dead teenager blamed for a mass shooting and a swarm of FBI agents investigating it. Little do they know they've become part of a race against time to stop the single largest bioterrorism attack in US history.

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ISBN-13: 9781957864068
Publisher: Wild Lark Books
Publication Date: July 29th, 2022